Private View

The private view for the Foundation exhibition was really successful – lots of people showed up and it was really nice to see so many people enjoying the art and interacting with it where it was interactive, e.g. writing notes on Milly Mansfield Parker’s sculpture attending Rachel Moody’s spinning teaching session, getting photos by Ori Attwool’s Pink wall and drawing on my wall and filling in the magazine.

The speeches and free wine were a great end to the foundation year, and there was a nice atmosphere with everyone enjoying the outcome of a couple of months’ work.

I think that my exhibition was successful, as people commented that they found it funny and lots of people had a look at the magazine. However, lots of people were hesitant to sit at the table, probably because it is a very small, inconvenient table and chairs and also because of the fear of breaking it. However, it was nice seeing lots of people of different ages drawing on the wall in crayon, as it now has lots of writing and drawings on it.

The wall before and during the private view is shown below.




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