Mundane Magazine: Completing the exhibition (Own work)

Today I have finished the installation of my work for private view. This involved installing the shelf, cutting up business cards and putting up the wall statement. The wall statement which I have included is shown below:

‘Mundane Magazine’ is centred around the idea of what is seen as socially acceptable and the subconscious upper age limits that are implemented by society. Many activities in day-to-day life have strict age restrictions and guidelines, such as playing with toys or wearing revealing clothing. Considering these age restrictions and the types of activities that children typically enjoy, ‘Mundane Magazine’ combines some of the most mundane aspects of adult life, as found in research from interviews and surveys, and translates them into the unconventional and entertaining format of a children’s magazine, complete with different interactive tasks.

Sit at the table and fill in the magazine!

Draw on the wall!

I decided to tell people to draw on the wall to add another child-like aspect to my project, like in my initial ideas of creating a piece like Urs Fischer’s ‘The Kiss’ made from plasticine, in which viewers could change the shapes of the plasticine and many people stuck it on the walls.

Adding Mega Bloks and coloured wooden beads on a wire, my exhibition looks more child-like, and I am pleased with the minimalistic appearance of it – this was something which I was aiming for – as the primary colours stand out, yet the use of white walls and a white table mean that it doesn’t look overcrowded.



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