Business cards

My friend Rachel recommended that I print business cards at Brookes Print as they are a good price if you buy them single-sided and cut them out yourself.

To go with the child/adult theme, I have looked up images of children’s handwriting online and tried to copy the same letters. This proved ore difficult than expected. However, after many attempts I have found lettering that I am pleased with. I have then scanned this in, removed the background and resized it in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

My final design is below:

business card 2

After printing them at Brookes Print, with assistance from my friend Josie, we have drawn child-like drawings on the back in crayon, using primary colours to match the rest of the exhibition. I am pleased with the outcome of these, although the design is maybe slightly too far down. Perhaps the writing could have been a bit messier, but I want the viewer to be able to read it easily. These business cards look really good alongside the rest of the exhibition, especially where I have displayed them on the shelf alongside the coloured beads.



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