Colour Scheme (own work)

I have decided to use primary colours red, blue and yellow in my final piece. However, when creating my magazine pages, the colours that I chose were all different. I wanted to experiment with how they looked so that I could find tones that looked right together. Some were too dull, e.g. my initial red, and others too bright.

have created a page in InDesign testing out different colour swatches, as the colours look different on the screen to when they are printed and also vary printer to printer. I found out that the yellows look far duller when printed, so the yellow that I choose for the magazine will have to appear brighter on screen.

There are some shades of yellow and blue that work together on existing pages that I have made, so I will use some of these in the final magazine. After experimenting with printers and colour combinations, I have presented these on A1 sheets, as shown below.

After adapting them a lot, the final colours are –

C – 0
M – 0
Y – 86
K – 0

C – 85
M – 51
Y – 0
K – 0

C – 84
M – 19
Y – 24
K – 0

C – 67
M – 0
Y – 35
K – 0

L – 45
A – 83
B – 127


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