Colour By Numbers, Indesign (Own Work)

I have noticed many activity books which include colouring by numbers, so I have created one of these, using chopping vegetables for a meal as my inspiration. I used a mixture of primary and secondary sources to create this drawing, drawing some of my own vegetables and also finding some images to draw from online. I then changed the thickness of some lines to make the drawing look more visually interesting and added numbers in photoshop (which took a surprisingly long time) and added colour codes to help the viewer to colour it in.

colour by numbers a3

I really like this page. I also added a ‘marble’ table surface behind the vegetables and board as not to confuse the colours too much and create too many areas to colour. I really like the appearance of this page and am pleased with it.

After speaking to my friend, David, it has come to my attention that I should probably leave extra space without writing/important magazine content at the edges of pages, as folding and trimming the pages will mean that some parts of the printing is cut off. I will add a ‘bleed’ into my final InDesign document to remind myself of this.


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