Colouring In Pages (Own Work)

I have created some Colouring in pages on Adobe InDesign, after hand-drawing some images which can be coloured in. I have used two different sizes of black pen to differentiate between the main outlines and extra patterns and details, etc. I have then scanned them in to the computer (selecting a high quality scan), edited them to increase the contrast and make them include extreme blacks and whites, and put them in InDesign.

Queueing colouring page A3Colouring page medicine v3washing colouring page

I am pleased with the outcomes as the drawings are plain yet somewhat interesting despite being of a dull subject matter. However, I still need to work on the formatting of it a bit, in order to decide on appropriate colours, etc. as I haven’t stuck to set colours, currently experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. A problem which I have had is that different printers print the colours differently. However, to overcome this issue I plan on printing out lots of different colour swatches in order to decide which ones to use. I feel as though keeping the tones consistent throughout could create a more professional feeling to my magazine.


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