Buying a Table and Chair for Exhibition

Today I ordered an IKEA table and chairs from Amazon to use to display my final magazine, toys and equipment, e.g. crayons, etc. The table and chairs are simple, but I like the minimalist feel of them as this is something which I want to achieve in my final exhibition display. I think that I will paint them white (currently the tops of them are white but I think they would be more successful if completely white, to camouflage with the surrounding walls, etc).

IKEA Table and Chairs

I will only use one of the chairs to accompany the table, as I feel as though the  activities of a magazine are things easier carried out by one person. Perhaps others could gather around or assist, but only one table, chair and magazine at a time would be most successful. I considered setting out two magazines at a time, shown in my initial diagrammatic drawings, but feel as though this could overcomplicate it and viewers may get confused, believing that the two magazines displayed are different.

These tables and chairs should arrive within a week – I got express delivery to be sure – and then I can install them! Perhaps I should also buy some shelves to accompany them (as drawn in my one of my later diagrammatic drawings).


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