Tutorial with Myfanwy

Today I have had a tutorial with Myfanwy to help me make final decisions about my work, how to display it and extra things that I should include in my magazine.

This tutorial was very useful, and I now have a few things that I need to research in order to complete my magazine. When looking at my coupon page, Myfanwy has said that I could research other magazines which have useless adverts in, e.g. Betterware magazine. Online research I to magazines should give me ideas.

I realise that it would be best if the viewers can interact with and fill in my magazine, so I will have to print several magazines – maybe 15? – so that I can replace them when needed.

I have contacted people working at Brookes about spare tables and chairs for displaying my work. However, I feel as though my work will work best at a children’s table and chairs, which is a niche request and not the most likely objects to find at a university. I may have to buy one second hand online or see if I can find a decent price for one. I am currently looking into them.

The interactive aspect of my magazine is important, so Myfanwy has suggested that I try to make more activities in the magazine that involve different equipment, e.g. small writing with a magnifying glass, cutting out forms, etc.

I need to create two contents lists for hand in and also put my magazine experimentation and development sheets onto A1 sheets and ask people to carry out the activities, e.g. colouring in, which will be useful for me to have an idea of how the filled in magazine will look.

I still have a lot of magazine pages to create in a small amount of time but am feeling motivated to complete it amount owns have created detailed time plans so that I know how longe each activity will help. Hopefully this will help me to manage my time we’ll  (something which I struggle with).


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