Creating Art Competition Page (Own Work)

Children’s magazines often include art pages, and today I have created a LEGO Art page, having the idea a few days ago to get a photograph of an adult submitting their art for a competition. LEGO was the most popular and recalled toy from my interviews with adults, so I have decided to include a page on LEGO art, creating simple child-like structures but attributing them to older adults.

builderlego house

I have photographed a LEGO structure that I made yesterday, and decided to put just the builder picture in my magazine page, as it is most humorous and I can also write a bit about the builder’s interest in LEGO, etc.

LEGO art page

Using Adobe InDesign, I have created this page mock-up, adding circles which mimic those of LEGO blocks (like those in the LEGO City magazine). I have also used the same presentation of the winner’s name as the Peppa Pig magazine – Name, Surname initial, Age, Location.

I am fairly pleased with the appearance of my magazine page, although I have realised that the colour shades that I chose changed when I printed them (or changed the document to another format, e.g. jpeg and pdf). The page is effective in getting the information across and being easy to understand, revealing Paul’s prize of ‘a cup of tea’ and also being child-like in that it asks the reader a question to think about, ‘Do you build LEGO houses?’ – like those I saw on signs in the Museum of Childhood and that some of the magazines include.

The colours are not as I would like them – the yellow is too dull, and the red should be a bit brighter. For my final magazine I plan on working out a colour scheme and writing down exact RGB colour values so that all of the colours can be uniform. I will also need to experiment with different colours and how they look when printed, as the printers often change the colours of the magazine – the downstairs printer in the Richard Hamilton building makes colours duller (and also has worse printing quality) and the upstairs one seems to brighten them (but isn’t working today).

Next I will experiment with colours and fonts as I like my title font but want to find a more playful, child-friendly font to create my desired magazine layout.


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