Interviews About Childhood, 1 (Research)

I have finally edited my initial Childhood interview and uploaded it to YouTube. After realising that I needed to record more audio to add to the video where I write the question on screen, I recorded more audio with my camera at the same place as the clip was recorded.

The background sound, however, isn’t exactly the same as in the original video (not using an external mic with the camera and filming it at night rather than in the morning). Although I could reshoot it, I have decided to use the audio from it as it isn’t too important in my project, as the video is mainly to be used for content rather than having a professional video quality – I’m not planning on exhibiting the videos in my final display space.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 09.10.10
Editing the interview in Final Cut Pro

I have used Final Cut Pro to edit my interview, adding transitions and text and cutting the video using the blade tool so that there aren’t many gaps in speech, etc. I split the video into different sections to remove the audio of me asking the questions and then writing them on top.

In the following video, I learnt from this one and asked the interviewees to try to repeat the question so that I could cut my voice out altogether.

This research is useful as it reminds me of the types of toys that people liked playing with and why people no longer play with certain things. I need to add this information to a mind map so that I can start creating more magazine content soon. I feel as though conducting research in a video interview format is successful as it is more interesting to look than a written/questionnaire format, etc. and allows people to discuss their memories in an informal way.

The video can be found here:


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