Interviewing Adults (Research)

I have edited the video footage which I took on the streets of Oxford yesterday, in which I asked 6 adults about their memories of their favourite childhood toys and the things that they liked least about being an adult.

Editing Videos with Adobe InDesign

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 19.03.20
Editing Videos with Adobe InDesign

I want to use these responses as inspiration for content in my magazine.

It was interesting how many people gave the same/very similar responses, for example lots of people recounted enjoying playing with LEGO. Also, people said that they didn’t like the responsibility that accompanies adult life, and that some of the boring parts of being an adult are paying mortgage and worrying about health deteriorating.

Although lots of people didn’t want to be filmed, the people that I managed to film are very useful for my project. I now need to brainstorm from their comments and work out how these aspects of adulthood can translate into my magazine. I may also have a feature on LEGO art dome my adults.

I have created a table (shown below) which summarises people’s comments about their favourite toys and negatives of adult life.

Favourite childhood toys Least favourite parts of adult life
LEGO (2) Paying bills (2)
Big metal spinning top Responsibility (3)
Bike Getting out of bed
Action Man Work
Meccano Paying Mortgage
Worrying about health (2)
Financial responsibility
No free time
Heart problem
Retired, miss work (lecturing)
Getting older
Looking after children demanding
Feel age, noticing younger people

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