Diagrammatic Drawings

To decide on how my final piece should be presented I have created some diagrammatic drawings. Despite initially considering including video work as well, I have decided to keep my work minimalistic in that I don’t want to overcomplicated it and take away from the focus of the magazine.

A lot of the magazine is centred around activities, so I may surround it by childhood toys (shown in the drawings).

I found it difficult to get the proportions right when drawing these, so it helped to find similar images online to draw from.

Ideally I would have liked to create two magazines – one for adults in the style of a child’s magazine and another for children in a plainer adult style, on different sizes of chairs and tables. However, as I have not had time to do this, I have decided to display my adult magazine on a children’s table and chairs in a minimalistic way, making them all white except for the colourful magazine and crayons, etc.

I also considered displaying it in a cabinet, and suggested by Alisone, like a collector’s item, having contents but not being attainable by the adult, merely being there for display. However, I like the idea of people being able to fill out the activities themselves.

My final designs are shown above. However my final display may vary depending on the gallery space I am allocated and the table and chairs which I can find.


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