Designing Magazine Coupons (Own Work)

Today I have designed a page of coupons to put in my magazine to promote products which may seem uninteresting or somewhat random. Coupons are something associated with adult life, with many supermarkets and shops providing loyalty cards and discounts with certain vouchers, etc.

After looking at coupons online and in leaflets which I already had, I have used the layout of them to inspire my own creation, using a Holland and Barrett coupon page as my main inspiration, and changing the content and colours to provide a more ‘child-like’ appearance.

Coupons creating edited

Overall I am pleased with the outcome of my coupons. Creating them using Adobe InDesign has given them a somewhat professional quality, whilst the bold, clashing colours and areas packed with writing detracts from this a bit (as intended). An almost childlike quality has been created.

However, perhaps I could further the childlike nature of it, adding questions at the end of descriptions, such as is a common feature of children’s magazines and signs, for example as seen in the V&A Museum of Childhood, in which factual image was followed by a simple question for the child to think about (‘Do you know a scary black cat?’)

It has taken me several attempts to get the design correct (Changing line lengths, orders of layers and making colours match up). I think that I will use this design for the final magazine, although I may change the yellow to be slightly more orangey, as I don’t like the colour that I have chosen as it seems too green and bright.

I am pleased with the inclusion of the ‘Scissors are sharp’ reminder, as this directly echoes conventional children’s magazines.


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