Coupons (research)

When discussing adult life with adults, something which people have mentioned is collecting things for discount, etc. for example collecting coupons or tokens from boxes or postage stamps to give to charities.

Although children’s magazines usually don’t include adverts or many tokens (part of the reason why they are so expensive) I would like to include some form of coupon in my magazine, perhaps giving a discount on products which aren’t essential and only appeal to a very niche audience, or providing only a small discount, etc.

In a children’s magazine, these tokens would need to be playful and fun, so I could experimenting with bright colours and interesting fonts, etc.

To get inspiration for the layout of my coupons, I have had a look at some that I can find (both online and ones that I already have). Presenting them on an A1 sheet, I can see aspects of them that are shared and the typical appearance of them. I want to include a bold, dotted line and scissor marks, as well as coloured shapes saying things like ‘Half Price’, etc. Images of products can be included. I like the appearance of the Holland and Barrett coupons and may use these as the basis of my own layout, changing the colours and types of products, etc.


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