Magazine Artists Research

I have asked Karl, the Vis Com tutor, to suggest some artists that may be of interest to me for my magazine, especially those that use humour/irony/parody in their work.

The artists recommended to me are:

I have researched them and like the humour that some of them manage to convey even when the subject matter is dark or serious, e.g. in Art Spiegelman’s ‘Maus’ comics in which he has made the cats Nazis and the mice Jews.

Art Spiegelman, Maus

Keith Haring, despite using a colourful and playful style that may be associated more with children, manages to focus on serious and important issues, such as through raising awareness about AIDS after being diagnosed with it himself. His safe sex campaigns are also unapologetically in your face, including ‘adult’ content. I like the contrast between the style and content of his art, and this is the sort of thing that I plan on experimenting with in my own work.

Raymond Briggs is also interesting in his subtle use of humour,e.g. in books such as ‘The Snowman.’ His drawing style is also recognisable and child-friendly.

The Snowman


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