Children’s Colours?

Something which people often associated with childhood is the use of primary colours. However, it is interesting to note that the primary colours are often accompanied by Green, even though it isn’t a primary colour.

I bought a toy in a charity shop as it’s a toy which I associate with childhood and is associated so often in waiting rooms, such associated sos at the doctor’s or dentist’s.

This toy includes the classic combination of red, blue, yellow and red. I may experiment with using associated sos variation of these colours throughout my magazine as they clearly relate to childhood and therefore could contrast from the ‘adult’ content in my magazine.

Other colours are associated with children, like typical blues vs pinks to differentiate between boys and girls (e.g. as seen in the boys’ colouring book and girls’ sticker book below). I could also consider creating gender-specific magazines and parodying the sort of ‘girl and boy-appropriate’ activities or topics included.


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