Adult Magazine Photoshop Experimentation (Own Work)

Today I have used Photoshop to create a mock up of what the cover of my final adult magazine in the style of a child’s magazine could look like. After experimenting with the importance of colour (having changed the children’s magazines that I purchased into black and white to make them look less fun) I know that a key feature of children’s magazines is the colour.

Translating the main look and contents into a more adult version, I have used the LEGO City magazine as a rough guide and then added some examples of the sort of content that I am considering including. I wanted to include bright, primary colours, so these are some of the main colours of the magazine.

TEST MAG edited

I am pleased with the result of my experimentation, especially as I haven’t used Photoshop much before. I found keeping colours consistent difficult and also didn’t know how to make the top bar’s curve smooth (having not discovered all the shape tools then).

I need to decide what to call the magazine, as this is an important aspect of the magazine, giving the viewer more of an idea of what the magazine is about. This could add humour to it if done appropriately, e.g. if it conveys an adult idea or plays on the name of another adult or child-based magazine. I plan on brainstorming names soon and asking people to vote for their favourite.


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