Bowl Cut Babes, Screen printing 

Today I started Screen printing a t-shirt inspired by the idea of childhood and typical ‘bowl cut’ hairstyle that younger children sometimes have. I have combined the t shirt with the branding of the new skateboarding company ‘Bowl Babes’, a company aimed at encouraging women and girls to skate. I find it interesting how they use the Barbie font in order to brand their product, being a childhood toy commonly associated with females (also being something that people mentioned in my interviews about childhood play).


I had previously set up a screen, so after designing the Bowl Cut Babes and BCB logos in Adobe Indesign and resizing them to fit the shirt as I wanted, I printed them onto acetate with help from technician, Elaine. I layered several sheets of them on top of each other so that the black wouldn’t let light through.

The image was transferred onto the screen, allowing ink to pass through the screen only on the lettering. The edges were then passed over with tape, allowing no ink or drips to show through elsewhere. I mixed up a pink using dyes and white bases, testing the colour against the t shirt on acetate.

After covering the exposed areas of the screen in paper (including part of the lettering that I wanted to print on another side) I used the squeegee to add pink ink to the t shirt. After doing this on all 3 t shirts, and letting them dry, I repeated the process with the other lettering, washing the initial lettering for the next use and covering it over. Once done, I rewashed the other side to clean it all for use tomorrow.

I am pleased with the appearance of them and plan on finishing them tomorrow, adding a layer of blue over the top like in the ‘Bowl Babes’ logo. On the drying rack I have left 2 spaces between them so that parts of t shirts do not fall into the drying designs.

Perhaps I can use these briefly in my magazine as part of my FMP, modelling them on adults/teenagers.


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