Children’s Magazine Research/Inspiration

I purchased 3 magazines at WH Smith – Peppa Pig, LEGO City and Mister Maker, as they seemed to contain a variety of content and I like the appearance of them so think that they will be useful in helping me to decide how to create my own magazine as part of my FMP.

Today I have scanned and resized pages of interest in the magazines, to use as inspiration – many of the same types of activities are included in all magazines, such as colouring in, dot to dots and spot the differences. The use of bright colours and cartoons also sets them aside from the other, more ‘adult’ magazines on the shelves.

All of the magazines also included ‘free toys,’ and these are components which I could consider in my own magazine. A comment on my Reddit questionnaire said that a boring part of being adult is being excited by everyday occurrences, so perhaps I could use this as an idea of what to provide as a gift. It could add to the comic value of the magazine if the free gift is something bland and undesirable, yet practical for everyday use.

In the upcoming days, I plan on collecting images to work from to help me to create drawings for the reader to colour in or use as a basis for a dot to dot, etc. I am also considering creating a simple activity which can be cut out, and a pull-out poster in the centre of the magazine.


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