Children’s Magazines/Activity Books (Research)

Today I visited WH Smiths and Rymans to look at their children’s magazines and activity books as inspiration for my FMP, as I am currently considering presenting some of my work in magazine format, including topics that are considered more ‘adult,’ perhaps including mundane aspects of everyday adult life, and also some parts that are considered ‘child-like’.

In Rymans it was interesting to note the separation between children’s colouring books and ‘colouring for grown-ups’ section. Lots of places seem insistent on separating the two. Adult colouring books are far more detailed and children’s often include fun, cute images.

The activity books supplied for children included things such as:

  • ‘Spot the difference’
  • ‘Draw what’s in the treasure chest’
  • ‘Finish the drawing’
  • ‘Trace and colour’
  • ‘Dot to dot’
  • ‘Colour by number’
  • ‘Use your imagination – draw yourself swimming with a school of fish’
  • ‘Help Sammy find his bone’  (maze)
  • ‘Write a letter from Puppy to Kitty’

I may use some of these as ideas for what to include in my final magazine/activity books.

Wordsearches and puzzles are also things associated with adults, although they tend to be more complex. I came across these in WH Smiths.

Whilst in WH Smiths I had a look at the children’s magazines, to remind myself of the appearance of them and sorts of contents. Lots of them have free toys, which may be something to consider including, as well as posters and activities. They also seem to include a lot of bright colours.

I have bought 3 children’s magazines – Peppa Pig, LEGO City and Mr Maker, to use as inspiration for my project.


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