‘Car’ Recolouring: Video 2 (Own Work)

Like my previous redecoration of the car, I have chosen to document the spray painting colour process, in the same place as before, wearing the same clothing, so that the videos look consistent. I chose to change the colour from pink to blue, as these are two colours associated with childhood, being seen as stereotypical ‘girl/boy colours.’ I also like the appearance of them together, so the colour changing process looks pleasing.

This video is more shaky than the previous one, although it is still successful in documenting the process. If I try this again I may try to move the camera less. Although the tripod keeps it still, moving it to adjust the angles makes the footage less stable.

Whilst spray painting it, I liked the appearance of some of the pink still showing beneath the new blue colour, so I decided not to colour it fully blue and instead to leave some subtle pieces of pink. I like the idea of leaving a reminder what the ‘car’ used to look like.


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