Interviews about childhood, 2

Today I conducted another interview about childhood play with another group of students from my course. I chose to film them outside cross-legged on the grass as this is something reminiscent of childhood. Again, I am using the same microphone and tripod with my camera.

This interview was interesting, acting more like a conversation, and I like the fact that many of the same replies were given as the previous group, despite them not having discussed it, e.g. Polly Pocket and the idea that we still play in different ways and that art is a way in which we have fun, adapting from previous ways of play.

I plan on editing this video, but could’t today as the edit suite had no room. I also asked them to try to repeat the question so that I can potentially cut my voice out and not have to have a written question there – the video can act more like a discussion. If I do chose to have questions written, I will have to record background noise like there is in the video – this is what I need to record to add to my previous interview as well.

I liked Josie’s childhood notebook, as this reminds me of my earlier research about imaginary friends. Childhood play involves a lot of focus on objects and imagination, and perhaps this is something which I could incorporate in my final piece – something in reality vs. something in imagination.

Childhood code is also something which I could look at – secret journals and notes are something which children enjoy making up but tend to have less time for or interest in in later life.


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