Idea Development: Interactive activities?

When at the Tate Britain David Hockney exhibition, I noticed an activity book in the gift shop. They had a variety of different books, from the main big book which contained a lot of information on Hockney and his works to smaller, more concise information books. Some had lots of images and some had very few.

I found it interesting to see the difference between books for adults and children, with children’s being more picture based. Activities included in the activity book included things like ‘draw some things that you would draw on the iPad to email to your friends and family,’ after Hockney drew flowers on his iPad to send to people. There were also colouring activities and tasks asking the reader to draw different types of water, e.g. a pond or glass of water, or to draw their family or friend (like Hockney did with staged groups of people) or to draw in different styles, e.g. portrait, landscape, still life, etc. These activities are clever as they are informative and educational, yet fun, putting things in simplified terms and only including the basic information.

I think that it would be interesting to include some sort of interactive activity book or sheets along with my exhibition, perhaps focusing on complex issues or aspects of adult life, but in a simplified form, e.g. looking at Tax, mortgage, work, etc. or perhaps things which children may not find interesting such as tea, queueing or people talking, etc. I could create dot-to-dots, colouring exercises, drawing tasks, crosswords or perhaps handwriting exercises for complex words which children wouldn’t need to know. This would tie in with my ideas of Upper Age Limits, as the themes investigated would be adult, but presented in a more fun way which may seem humorous and lack practical applications, not being very detailed and informative. As an adult, colouring in can seem like a waste of time, and many older people no longer have time for these activities (although some still do, and there are still therapeutic colouring books on sale for all ages).

colouring in


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