Etch a Sketch: Vagina Drawing (own work)

After being interested in work by etch a sketch artists such as Andrea Tilden, I chose to create some work of my own, trying out a second-hand etch a sketch which I bought online.

Realising that using it and erasing it by shaking it still leaves marks, I wanted to minimise these so chose to go straight into the drawing after a brief bit of experimentation. 

I considered drawing children’s toys on it but decided to instead draw something more adult which wouldn’t usually be drawn by a young child. I settled on a vagina after my friends suggested it to me, and found a diagram online which I traced onto acetate and used as a guideline for my drawing – changing from blue to pink sharpie so that I could see the drawn line easier behind it.

This drawing process took several hours to complete as I had to get used to using the etch a sketch and work out how to minimise the connecting lines which weren’t part of the lines of the drawing, to make it neater. I kept going over it as I wanted the lines to be dark and obvious. The drawing process got easier as I continued, as I found myself understanding how to turn the knobs ro achieve different line gradients.

I am unsure as to whether I should add shading to my drawing, but I quite like the simplicity of it as it is. Although the lines are wobbly in places, I like the appearance of them, as the medium of an etch a sketch doesn’t require a perfect drawing and instead I think it adds to the character of it and scribbley etch a sketch feel. My finished drawing is shown below:

Perhaps I should try using more etch a sketches to create more drawings, perhaps using these to also experiment with making my etch a a sketch drawings more realistic by adding shading.


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