Screen Printing: Preparing a Screen

Screen printing is something which I have been interested to try for a while. As artists like Max Brand and Joanne Robertson have used textiles in their artwork, and I like the poster style of Rachel Maclean’s, I am considering using screen printing in my FMP, even just to print designs on the shirts, as branding is something prevalent in our culture. I plan on looking more into children’s toy logos such as ‘Toys R Us,’ ‘Early Learning Centre’ and Mattel products. Perhaps I could retransmission some of these to make them look more like products suitable for all ages.

To prepare my screen I had to rip off the previous mesh and remove all previous staples. Then I added new clean fabric.

I then stapled this new fabric down, attaching it loosely on one side, starting from the centre and then pulling it tight on the other side to make it flat. I changed regularly between stapling the vertical and horizontal sides to ensure that the fabric was tight and even. Once all sides were fixed, I cut off excess fabric at the sides.

After this, I washed the fabric to help the later dye to go through it properly. This washing it decreased it and will make using it later easier. I have now left it to dry after washing both sides.


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