Painting with LEGO (Own work)

I have been considering different ways which I can use children’s toys to create art. Having bought LEGO, I wanted to try painting using them. I noticed 3 main, primary colours of my blocks and painted the blocks with the equivalent colours in acrylic paint and then pressed/rolled/scraped than onto the paper.

The combination of LEGO and paint relates to the idea of age restriction, as LEGO is seen as something to be used by younger children. This application of paint reminds me of potato printing, which is a common activity among young children. The medium of paint, however, is used by all ages, although the skill involved in the application is expected to improve over time.
I like the child-like appearance of this painting and think I should try creating pieces like these on a larger scale or perhaps collaborating with people of different ages to see how they use the media.


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