Iron Man Model

My flatmate, Mike, showed me a model of Iron Man which he got recently, which involved software which took a scan of his face and adds it to a model, so that you can lift up the mask to reveal his face beneath. This reminded me of my Upper Age Limit art, as despite being a typical children’s toy, it is the sort of thing that adults would enjoy purchasing.

Superheroes and franchises like Marvel link to the idea of upper age limits, as although playing with some toys can be seen to be childish (Mike thought that it was strange that I purchased LEGO recently) at the age of 22 he is still obsessed with superheroes like Iron Man and The Flash. 

These comics and programmes that we grow up with seem to remain a part of our lives, and are something which many different ages can enjoy. Lots of people love superheroes, so being enthusiastic about these isn’t looked down upon by society too much. Perhaps if it was less common then this would be different.

However, it is also the technology which makes this model so impressive – it came with a USB with a video of the simulation of him transforming into Iron Man and him shooting things, using his body to activate things, which was part of the experience and appeal of getting the model. With improved technology, things like superheroes seem more impressive, with programmes having great effects, and this makes viewing more enjoyable for the audience of all ages.


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