Max Brand and Joanne Robertson: Poppies (Research)

At Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art I came across a debut collaboration between Max Brand and Joanne Robertson. This exhibition included a collection of paintings and sculptures by both artists, as well as musical work created in the lead-up to the exhibition’s opening.

I really liked the child-like appearance of the work displayed in the exhibition, with drawings being on the walls and pieces of fabric, including drawings in primary colours and a sculpture including abstract painting. However, the meaning behind the artists’ choices have not been specified. The exhibition, however, is successful in showing the fun that the artists have had in the completion of the artwork, breaking free from typical confines of art, painting on the windows as well as all over the walls. I like the idea of using all available space, an an almost un-balanced way, as it reminds me of children’s play and art whereby paint gets on walls and furniture if a lot of mess is created or children are left unsupervised.

An adjoining room allows children to create their own drawings and display them on shelves, also providing a ligtbox for them to trace pre-drawn facial features, etc. This made me think more about how I could include an interactive section to my FMP. Perhaps I should ask a variety of people of different ages to draw a particular thing/anything. It is interesting to see how people’s drawing styles develop.

This reminds me of when I drew with the homeless, bringing along art supplies and encouraging them to draw whatever they wanted. I quite like the idea of having a collaborative aspect to my work, as the theme is about how people should be able to carry out the same activities (within reason) at different ages, whether or not they are typically seen to be socially acceptable.


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