Initial ideas I had when considering my topic of ‘Upper Age Limits’ included how people present themselves. The tutor Karl asked me at what age it would be acceptable to have brightly coloured hair – can someone over 50 dye their hair blue? I currently have dyed blue hair at the age of 19 and have done for a couple of years. However, unnatural colours of hair are something that is usually adopted by people in their teen years to late 20s. To see an older person with bright blue hair would be unusual in society.

Continuing on from hair colour, I started thinking more about the types of hair cuts which are conventional at different ages, with younger people being able to experiment more with hairstyles and older people usually having a more conventional and simplistic haircut. Parents dictate younger children’s haircuts – some choose more extravagant or expensive styles, whereas others want something cheap and quick. When looking at some toys, I discovered one with a ‘bowl cut’ which reminds me of typical haircuts for young children.

Bowl cut

‘Bowl cuts’ are associated with childhood, putting a bowl over someone’s head to provide a guideline as to where to cut the hair, a simple, cheap DIY method for parents. However, this is a hairstyle that is rarely seen in older people (although some people have similar styles, a bowl isn’t used and in order for them to look stylish they need to be cut by a very good hairdresser. This obviously then detracts from the idea of a bowl cut – that it is supposed to be quick and cheap.

Perhaps I could look into recreating a bowl cut on older people, which would create an almost humorous appearance. I could ask my friends to cut my hair using the traditional ‘bowl cut’ method. I may now take videos and photos of getting my hair dyed to add to my project, perhaps to present as a series of videos at the end.


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