‘Car’ Recolouring, Photographs

I have spray painted my play ‘car’ bright pink to add to the idea of childhood colours and make it into something more visually interesting.

Pink 'car'

I was inspired by my friend Ori’s artwork as she is a fan of the colour pink (and is doing her FMP on it) and has made me appreciate the colour recently. I find it interesting how much I now like the colour pink, given that I have not been a fan of it since I was younger. Pink is often seen to be quite a weak colour, given its connections to femininity, with girls being assigned to pink and boys to blue from an early age. I am now rediscovering the colour pink find it interesting that femininity is seen as a weakness (especially given its history after first being a colour more associated with boys).

I feel as though it was partially the lack of freedom which I was given, being made to wear pink dresses when I was younger, that put me off it. However, now that I am older and can make my own choices, the colour appeals to me more (and what’s wrong with femininity anyway?!).

I have taken a video of myself spray painting the metal ‘car’ pink (which I will edit later), and then photographed the finished product. I really like the way that the ivy and grass around it were also painted pink in the process. My final pink ‘car’ now looks more like a conventional play item, being brightly coloured and therefore resembling children’s play things more.


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