Play: Imagination, ‘car’

After discovering a metal object abandoned in the streets, my friend and I decided to take it back to university halls so that we could play with it. We played with it in the streets on the way back and it was interesting to see people’s reactions to it – lots of people found it amusing and cheered us on, etc.

I like the idea of revisiting my childhood and playing with found objects – when you are a child, a main focus of play is through your own imagination – taking a plain object and transforming it into something else through your imagination, e.g. boxes, sticks, etc.

I have takes some quick videos of me and my friend riding the metal ‘car’ down a hill, recapturing typical ideas of children’s play. Two photographs are shown above.

I have decided that I want to modify the ‘car’ to make it into a more attractive and child-play-friendly object I feel as though this would make it look more visually interesting on camera and show that any object can be an interesting play toy.

This found metal ‘car’ also links to my earlier found mattresses and hubcaps which I collected in the earlier part of the foundation course.


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