Ruth Spencer Jolly, ‘Pressing Play’

At Dragon’s Den, Jordan Mouzouris and Rosie Wyllie suggested that I looked at the ‘Pressing Play’ video that ex-Brookes student Ruth Spencer Jolly made, as inspiration for my own work.

I like the way that the video is put together, seeming almost sinister and dark despite involving typical childhood objects. The inclusions of clips from her childhood is interesting, and I like the way that the automated voiceover becomes more dramatic and dark, repeating ‘die’ to highlight violence in children’s play.

Although some parts are perhaps not subtle enough in my eyes, e.g. the bear in the bin with paper thrown at it, seeming very staged and unnatural, the video overall is very successful.

The part of the video where the voiceover says things like ‘Don’t you think you’re too old to be playing kinex?’ is particularly relevant to my topic, as it asks questions in a judgemental way, giving views which many people would agree with. It is seen to be ’embarrassing’ to be taking part of something unconventional for the child’s age. More focus is brought towards the expectation of society and activities which are socially acceptable – ‘It’s much cooler to play on The Sims. Thats is what everyone else does.’ It seems that as we get older and are able to play games with more adult content (eventually reaching violent games) is is looked down upon to still enjoy past activities.

I want to experiment with creating a video in my own work, and I also am now considering how I could use existing memories from my childhood, e.g. perhaps I could edit artwork which I made at a younger age or use old home-recorded videos and photographs (if I can find any). I might also experiment with a voiceover, as I really like the way it adds extra information and meaning to the video.


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