Reimagining Children’s Toys (Research)

I am interested in the idea of the age at which certain toys are acceptable to lay with, e.g I recently bought some LEGO from eBay and when I told my Flatmate what was in the delivery box, he said:

‘LEGO? You bought LEGO? What? That’s just wrong – you’re 19.’

I found this response interesting as it is exactly what I have been looking into. Funnily enough once I opened the LEGO, he was happy to start making models with me.

Although toys for children are often seen to be only designed for a young age, I feel as though what purpose you use them for could justify an older age using them. For example, there a re many good artists who create LEGO sculptures, such as Sean Kenney, who makes architectural models, portraits, sculptures and home decor from LEGO. His complex, self-initiated designs require a lot of skill and precision to achieve realism.
Surely this makes his use of LEGO more of an adult pursuit?

I have discovered other¬†artists who have used children’s toys in more technical and advanced way to create interesting art, such as through use of an Etch a Sketch. Artist Andrea Tilden spends up to 70 hours on her Etch a Sketch drawings, and she says in this voice interview that the medium of the Etch a Sketch works like shading with a pencil, only it is easier to shade with horizontal and vertical lines – spacing them closer together or further apart for different tones. Very dark areas need to be gone over several times. Outlines take a long time as making circular or diagonal shapes is difficult when using two knobs to control it.

These artists have inspired me to want to experiment more myself with using childrens’ toys to create detailed artworks.


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