Nonconformity and the structure of life

Linking to age restriction, I was talking with my friend about the idea of set stages in life which we are expected to follow in that order – Education, University, Job, Marriage, Have Children, Retire, etc. It seems like there are lots of things which people think that we should do, and if you stray too far from these guidelines people would class you as ‘abnormal’. People are often too focused on how they expect themselves to be rather than how they want to be – at different ages people feel more pressured to do certain things.

I feel as though the idea of encouraging people to do what they want even if it’s unconventional – e.g. applying for a new job later on in life – is an important message. People often feel limited in what they can do depending on what they have already done with their lives.

This links to my idea of age restrictions and age limits, and I might continue with this concept to make rigid aspects of life less rigid or to add structure to aspects which don’t usually have a structure.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 15.20.55


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