Mega Bloks

After thinking about how I haven’t played with LEGO in years and wanting to recapture that experience and other childhood pursuits which are no longer conventional, I have tried to find second hand toys in charity shops.

Although I could find no LEGO anywhere (I have now ordered some from eBay although LEGO is very expensive) I found some Mega Bloks which are basically the same thing but bigger and more simplified.

I tried using them again, and I must say that it was great fun. It’s quite relaxing and enjoyable making them all fit together, working out how to make them connect and using different sizes to form shapes. There are a surprising number of things to consider when using mega bloks, and it was sometimes more challenging than I would expect – as I don’t have too many of them, I am restricted as to how big I can make my models and the majority of the blocks are small so it is important to focus on using the larger blocks to make the structure more secure.

I like the spontaneity of making abstract models as there is no ‘right’ way or guidelines to follow. How the model turns out depends on how you are feeling at the time and the blocks which you happen to pick up, so is quite random. I also like how impermanent this process is, designed to be easily taken apart and reformed later. This is something not often seen in art, as often artists make artworks to display for a long time or sell.

I have decided to make a model each day and photograph it, documenting this process over a period of time. Some of my Mega Bloks structures are shown below:


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