Part 2 Feedback and FMP Ideas

I have been given the feedback from tutors Myfanwy, Karl and Alison, which I have copied below:

  • Ideas are well presented, the separation between projects is good, the labels help us identify which project is which.
  • Good photo documentary of your Copenhagen intervention, these work well as a series, we would like to see your videos at some point. Consider the meaning of the red dots and what they mean, i.e. to us they signify ownership of art, interesting considering you are placing red dots on ‘public’ places/objects/japanese flag.
  • Once you have completed work analyse it and reflect on your blog, this are my ideas, this is what i did and this is where I am building on it.
  • Might you continue to document the mattress and it’s decay, consider using it for FMP, are you commenting on society or ownership, it works in a subtle, humorous way, research artists using the mattress like Sarah Lucas and Mona Hatoum.
  • You show good development in your OVADA project. Continue this for FMP.
  • Your idea of ‘upper age’ limits is an interesting concept without a clear idea for outcome. Be careful with time in this project, let it build into a clever idea but don’t leave things to the last minute, especially if you want to achieve a Merit or Distinction grade.
  • Feel confident about who you are as an artist, think and work hard for your FMP.
  • What will your project be, what will the viewer get from your piece, structure the idea, collect visuals, you have the luxury of the next two weeks to think about possibilities with your idea, at Dragons Den you need to probably know the mediums you will use, a strong concept and some research/investigation, e.g upper age of clubbing/trainers on older people. Convince the panel your idea has legs!


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