Reflection: Copenhagen Circles

I had a review session with Foundation tutors Myfanwy, Karl and Alison in which I showed them my work in order to pass Part 1 of the course and they also gave me feedback to help with the Final Major Project.

They raised some interesting points about my Copenhagen Red Circles project, as although I had not put too much thought into them, mainly making them as a quick symbol of Britishness simplified into red block colour, different meanings can arise from them.

After I made them, I realised that the red dot had a strong resemblance to the Japanese flag, and this made me think about how red circles could have different meanings across different cultures. This is something which I plan on researching further.

In the meeting, Alison pointed out that red circles can symbolise something having been sold, and so it is an interesting idea to place these circles on private property and leave them there. Perhaps I could look more into ideas of who owns what and the rights and ownership that different people have.

20170302_142812-01 copy


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