FMP initial ideas

I have started considering what I could do for my Final Major Project.

Some recurring things which have been of interest to me during Foundation are:

Found objects
Childhood materials

I feel as though I have already done a lot of work looking at nature, and although I find this interesting, I would like to try something quite different.

I like how open Fine Art is, not limiting you to certain media. I find the idea of creating something large-scale using materials associated with children, e.g. LEGO, Jenga, papier mâché, plasticine, etc.

I like the idea of sculptures being made from ready-made materials, rearranged to fit the desired purpose. For example, above (right) is a student’s work from Columbus College of Art and Design, using the shapes of Barbie dolls to create a new circular sculpture. I also love the work of Freya Jobbins (top left) as her pieces are incredible detailed and well put together, recreating shapes of the human body through various types and sizes of cut up manufactured dolls. Annette Thas has used dolls in the same way in her wave-shaped piece above, instead to look at childhood memories and environmental issues.

I have also come across many other artists who use unusual media, sometimes translating well established pieces of art into new formats. Urs Fischer recently had an exhibition in which a plasticine replica of Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ was made. Viewers were invited to interact with the art, being able to move the plasticine and change the appearance of the art. I find the idea of interactive art interesting as it can help the viewer to engage with it and feel a part of it. This can also allow for an element of unpredictability if the viewers are invited to change the art and add to it. The edited sculpture is shown below.

Urs Fischer, 'The Kiss'

I have also found the idea of using found objects interesting, as I like the idea of using materials which are previously unplanned by the artist, being a sample of an area. The abstract assemblages by Christian Wischnewski below are from Baltic Sea flotsam, arranged in a pleasing way. I like how much thought has gone into the layout, forming interesting shapes and matching colours. I would like to try creating something similar using found objects in London, as the streets often contain litter and rusting objects, etc.


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