Part 2 Evaluative Statement

Through the first six units of the programme I have progressed through being more experimental with my artwork – I have tried lots of different ways of working and been more open to creating types of art that I would not have previously considered. Before starting Art Foundation I was only interested in creating realistic paintings, and now I prefer photography and am often more interested in the idea behind a piece than what the final outcome is. I also have more of an understanding of some aspects of art history, having recently looked at modernist sculptures and conceptual art.

I have experimented with new technical processes such as casting and photography. I have also experimented with using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Through these I am now enjoying photography more and am more interested in video art – something that I didn’t previously enjoy as much.

I chose the Fine Art pathway as Fine Art is something I have always loved, and taking the ‘Towards Abstraction’ project confirmed this for me. I like the idea of being able to focus on your own ideas and things that inspire you, responding to this in a way that is of interest to you. Fine Art is a personal type of art that allows you to express yourself or your feelings towards things.

My pathway choice has influenced my ideas for project proposal through seeing people’s different ways of working. After hearing people questioning other people’s uses of media and whether they were ‘Fine Art’ I have been considering how to use less conventional media such as those associated with children, e.g. shiny paint, dolls, glitter, papier mâché, etc. Even in Copenhagen in the Lego shop it was interesting to note that there was not only a minimum age suggestion for the Lego but also a maximum, and it would be interesting to look at the cut-off point and what is socially acceptable.


I feel as though my working practice will be enhanced through the design and completion of a major project by allowing me to follow through an idea over a log period of time and consider different approaches that I could take. I will have to research in detail to achieve an appropriate outcome, and it will be interesting arranging a final show with other Fine Artists and people from foundation.

I plan on studying Fine Art at University after the Foundation course, and then I would like to continue making art and perhaps work at a Gallery.


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