Copenhagen Circles Video

After learning how to use Final Cut Pro X, I wanted to see how iMovie differs so I edited my GoPro footage of my red dots from the intervention project. A lot of the same shortcuts can be used, e.g. marking a point on a clip, selecting certain points of clips to add to the timeline, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 15.24.43.pngAll of the editing tools which I needed could be found on iMovie, e.g. cropping to make the circles central, splitting clips, speeding up and slowing down clips.

Colour adjust

I enhanced the colours on the clips to make them stand out more by increasing the saturation. I added more contrast to lots of them by changing the amounts of dark, mid and light tones.


I made clips faster and slower to put more emphasis on the red circles and briefly pan around the surrounding area.

Split clip

I split different clips up to make the speed of different parts easier to manipulate. I also adjusted the lengths of them and cut some parts out.

I removed all sound from the video as the background noise to the video wasn’t very interesting or of a high quality.

As well as my pre-planned red circle intervention, I also recorded clips of other red circles which I found in Copenhagen as I found it interesting that so many signs/objects showed the same patterns.

My final video can be seen below:



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