Copenhagen: Intervention

Whilst in Copenhagen, my tutor Myfanwy gave the Fine Art group the idea that we could create a kind of intervention project, taking something form Oxford to Copenhagen and photographing it in situ.

I thought about focusing on things which are seen to be typically ‘British,’ planning on painting red phone boxes, post boxes, buses, etc. However, I ran out of time before the trip, spending time preparing for it and purchasing small circles to paint on. I only painted a miniature oil painting of a phone box, and then I chose to give the impression of my idea by painting the remaining circles red in order to create the classic British feel.

I photographed the phone box by the phone box which I painted as I like the idea of showing the real thing and my own representation side-by-side, with the inclusion of my hand as the creator of the painting.

In Copenhagen, I distributed the red circles in different areas and photographed them where I left them. I plan on putting together a video of  them, as I took brief GoPro footage. I also plan on plotting the dots on a map of where I left them.

It was surprisingly difficult for me to part with my own artwork, especially the miniature phone box which I had spent quite a lot of time on. However, I am pleased with the outcome of my work. If I were to do it again I would use a DSLR camera to photograph them rather than my phone, but I didn’t have one in Copenhagen. Also I would try to make my GoPro footage more steady and perhaps make more than 6 red dots.

Although I had planned on attaching my painted dots to a corresponding item in a different location, I found this difficult as I hadn’t previously considered that Copenhagen didn’t have any phone boxes. The red phone at the hostel was also successful and was especially relevant as it was a key part of our trip. I might try doing this again, but I would take more intricate paintings, such as that of a post boxes as these are things which can be found in most places.


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