Pick a Technique: Editing Mattress Video

From the conceptual project, I looked at how an object interacts with its surroundings, focusing on a found mattress. After attaching a section of an email asking me to remove it from the University accommodation, I transported it to another location – green space by the University campus. I chose to record the journey and people’s reactions to it using a GoPro. The footage isn’t very professional or steady, but I didn’t pre-plan it well or intend it to be. Instead, the important part of my art was the transportation of the mattress in a public place, creating an unusual situation which is not usually seen on a day-to-day basis, thus evoking some reactions from the public.

I used the techniques and shortcuts which I had learnt from the YouTube tutorial (which made my editing a lot faster and easier) and put together the main parts of the clips, particularly those in which there were reactions or I liked the angle of film.

I recorded different sounds using a voice recorder on my phone to create a sense of the different locations where it had traveled – one on the bus, one of the mattress springs and one in the woods where it was moved to. I overlaid these throughout the video and didn’t plan where each noise was as I wanted some level of spontaneity, leaving things as they were. I then cut out any sound from the original clip.

I had planned on documenting how I made the video, using screenshots, etc. but the computer didn’t show the screenshots on the desktop. When exporting it, I had difficulties as the file was too large to save anywhere – I saved it on the Uni computer but it couldn’t save on my memory stick or Google Drive, etc. I managed to instead publish it directly to YouTube (which isn’t ideal as the quality isn’t as good).

My final mattress video can be seen above. I quite like the way it turned out, although if I was to make it again I would probably try to use a better quality microphone and use a better quality camera setting (or film it in daylight) as I think this would make the video look more interesting.


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