Winchester Interview

Today I went to an interview at Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton) of their BA Fine Art course.

Before the interview there was a tour of the facilities and a brief talk by the course leader, John Gillett, in the library, in which he encouraged us to use books more as a means of research. I really liked this as I am a fan of books, and the art which he spoke about (such as work by Land artist Robert Smithson) was of interest to me. We worked as a group to define ‘art’ and then made a seascape using pages of books with mainly full bleed pages (on which John Gillett the placed a small toy ship).


The interview wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be, as I was interviewed by John Gillett and he seemed to be interested in my work. I took him through my whole portfolio and he gave me some comments and suggestions on my art (such as perhaps making another video of the ‘Show of Hands’ photo series using loose photographs instead of a booklet so that more fumbling around and interaction with the hand can be seen).

At the end of the interview he told me that I had a good, well balanced portfolio and told me that he would offer me a place on the course which I am really pleased about as Winchester is possibly my favourite University choice.

It was good to see the facilities again (including the library which I hadn’t seen before as it was closed on my last visit). One thing which stands out about Winchester is their great studio spaces – there is a lot of room and lots of students are in large rooms together, which is good as I feel as though it is important to get inspiration from each other. Winchester have great facilities and I would be pleased to go to Uni there.




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