Ashmolean Project: Feedback

After finally finishing my Ashmolean-inspired artwork, it was judged by people from OVADA and the Ashmolean who decided whether or not it should be included in the upcoming exhibition.

The majority of our Art Foundation Fine Art pieces were chosen, and I am pleased that I am one of the ones that has been selected.

When my work was being assessed, the assessors gave me feedback, suggesting changes or additions which I could make. I have transcribed their comments below and will use them to adjust my work before it is displayed in OVADA for the opening night of the Artefact exhibition, on Thursday.

‘I love the paper cuts and the architectural references. I wonder if it might work better without the grain? I see why you have included it though. More work on statement.’


‘Good linking together of 3 sources as inspiration. Could it be ‘backed’ so it stands up and the 3D element is drawn out? Grain higher up?’


‘Well executed. How can we preserve paper in warehouse space (humidity)? E.g. put on wooden board. Grain on shelf?’

The final piece which I showed to those choosing the work is shown below:


I added the grain to emphasise the link to the Ancient Egyptian grain store. However, I think I will need to change the composition of this for the final OVADA display.


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