Ashmolean project: A focus on stairs

Finding that I am drawn to the stairs of the Ashmolean (being really impressed by them every time I see them and the movement of people up and down them, which seems like art in itself), I have chosen to focus on these as the starting point of my project. Whilst at the museum, I took some photographs.

The stairs are integral to the museum, connecting the different time periods and also being able to be seen from different sections. The glass surrounding them is also important in maintaining connections between time periods, as we were explained to on a tour that the objects that can be seen through the glass in different areas often link different similar objects together, allowing a similar object from another time period to be seen from afar. I really like this idea and it seems to link perfectly to the working title of the exhibition, ‘Crossing Cultures, Crossing Time.’

I would like to perhaps conduct some more research on the relevance of stairs/ladders/etc and the imagery in different cultures to develop my ideas and form a concept to prompt my work.



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