The Ashmolean Project

As I have specialised into the Fine Art pathway, my project is now to create a piece of art which has been inspired by visiting the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Some of the work by the Fine Artists at Oxford Brookes will be selected by Lucy Phillips, Art Coordinator at OVADA; Miranda Millward, Arts Award Officer; and Clare Cory, Education Officer from the Ashmolean, to be presented at the OVADA space.

The working title of the exhibition is, ‘Crossing cultures, crossing time’.

We are expected to be able to name a specific piece or area which has inspired us, and also do thorough research to develop our ideas. We can focus on any aspect of the Ashmolean collection, including the building itself.

The brief gives further information:
‘The Ashmolean Museum (in full the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology) is the world’s first university museum. Its first building was erected in 1678–1683 (currently The Museum of the History of Science) to house the cabinet of curiosities that Elias Ashmole gave to the University of Oxford in 1677. The current museum was redesigned in 2009 by Rick Mather Archiectes, the outside of the building remains true to the original 1845 Charles Cockerell’s neoclassical design but the interior has been vastly changed to create a visually cohesive experience where galleries are seen in relation to each other through open vistas and glass partitions, emphasizing the ‘Crossing cultures, crossing time’ theme.

Ovada is an artist run space, providing unique opportunities for both artists and audiences. In 2005, the organisation undertook the renovation and expansion of the X-Change Gallery in Gloucester Green and re-launched the dedicated visual arts space as OVADA Gallery. After five years of successful exhibitions and events, OVADA vacated the Gallery in summer 2010 to allow for the re-development of the Old Fire Station complex. Since 2012 the gallery is now housed in a unique semi-industrial warehouse, where the walls of the gallery have been left in their originally found state disclosing the passage of time.

You should consider methods of presentation and display as these criteria are equally important to creating the artwork. Ovada has a particular atmosphere and this should be taken into account when making work. You can submit more than one idea and work can be made in any media. Your work can be 2D, 3D or 4D, equally, you could submit a site-specific proposal to be created on-site during the two days available for installation; for example your submission could consist of a proposal for a performance that would be presented the night of the preview.’


Above is an image of the Ovada space. I will need to consider how to make a piece stand out in an unconventional setting in which the walls are not plain, etc. Here is a floor plan, by which I can consider suitable dimensions for my piece.

I plan on visiting the Ashmolean gallery again soon to get more ideas for my piece.


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