Textiles – Location, Location, Location Reflection

I am pleased with the research I conducted as I feel as though it encouraged me to think about how to present my weave by looking at the work of weave artists. I also researched how to weave, which gave me interesting ideas for how to create my own weaves. However, perhaps I could have used some of these interesting techniques in my own work, as I didn’t experiment too much with the application of my threads and fabrics, using only a basic weaving technique and instead mainly focusing on the colours and textures within the fabrics I was using.

I developed my ideas by experimenting with a weave practise on my A1 research sheet and trying out 3 A4 studies which combined the textures found within some of my photographs. I could have developed these differently by adding more colour in some places.


I could have developed my ideas more thoroughly by considering different compositions and layouts for my final weave, as I didn’t give it too much thought, being short for time.

I feel as though the media and techniques which I used were successful, as I well represented the different surfaces shown within my photographs, for example I used shiny, reflective metal, translucent plastic and cassette tape reel to represent the reflections of rainwater seen in the photographs. My threads and fabrics also focused strongly on the colours seen in my photographs – mainly reds, oranges, blues and greens. However, perhaps I overcomplicated the colours – it could have been more effective to only focus on a few colours, e.g. just red, white and green, etc. I could have also experimented with different ways of applying the media or weaving in a different shape, e.g. circle rather than rectangle.

I was influenced by the bright colours of Sheila Hicks and Jonathan Miller, as these artists/photographers made me want to experiment with capturing the colours and textures found in my own photographs. I also liked Susie Gillespie’s idea of using recycled materials, so I went to Orinoco to collect materials which could be reused to represent elements of my photographs.

I feel as though the colour scheme and photographs worked well. However, perhaps adding the cassette tape overcomplicated the design – I had thought that it could make the piece flow better and seem more uniform, but on reflection perhaps it wasn’t necessary. Also, perhaps I should have used fewer colours, as the piece doesn’t seem very uniform and instead looks a bit messy. Nevertheless, the textures and tones represent my photographs.

I was influenced by time restraints as I didn’t have much time to complete my weave so used the first idea that came to me. I really liked the closely packed weave on my A1 research sheet, so this influenced my final piece as I used this technique in a few areas of my final weave.

Next time, I would try to use even more weaving techniques and perhaps spend more  time designing the layout of my final weave, as this could have ensured that I chose the most effective design and had considered the best way to arrange my threads and fabrics, etc.


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