Textiles – Artist visual research


A1 weaving artist research

To inspire my own work, I have created an A1 sheet of artists research, in which I have researched weave artists and photographers which could be relevant to my own work. I have added images of my own which could be relevant and experimented with media to get a feel for the textures and colours.

I really like Alice Fox’ idea of weaving with a rusty nail and allowing the rust to naturally discolour the nail, and the loss of control that accompanies this idea. Susie Gillespie’s work also shows interesting ideas, as she doesn’t like the idea of wasting materials and instead tries to renew them and use them to create something different. Her muted palette is interesting, making for a more natural feel.

I am interested in the environment and natural resources, so the idea of incorporating twigs into weaves (such as in Joan Baxter’s work) could be something to¬†consider with my weaves.

I have practised a small section of weaving, shown on the right of the page, in which I swatched some of the key colours. I have found that weaving takes a surprisingly long amount of time (at least when using intricate threads).

I am going to use this page as a mood board to inspire me with my weaves. I also plan on creating some A4 studies which depict the textures and perhaps colours of my photographs, as these could inspire my weaves.


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