Coming back from the bus stop on the way to halls, I came across a mattress against the wall which said that it was free to take. The cover was dirty so I stripped it down to the mattress springs.

After leaving it in the kitchen of my accommodation for a morning while I decided what to do with it, I was sent an email asking me to remove it:

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.32.36

I chose to make this part of the art, being inspired by John Latham’s ‘Art and Culture’ piece. I liked the was Latham presented his broken down book along with the letter dismissing him from his job. I like the idea of putting more context with my found mattress springs, recording the interaction between it and the environments which it experiences.

I printed it out and attached the email to it.

I then chose to select only a section of the email, finding the term ‘serious safety problem’ an amusing way to refer to a mattress. I have photographed it, putting it in the way of a fire door so that it is a safety hazard.

The mattress has stayed in my room for a few days (actually blocking my way and being hazardous) and I plan on taking it to another location and adding to the documentation of people’s interactions – adding other photographs and comments, etc.


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