Towards Abstraction, Evaluation

I carried out some initial research into abstraction, but I could have done this more thoroughly, as although I borrowed 5 books from the library about abstraction and abstract artists, I only read a small amount of them as I was eager to tart creating work of my own. Thorough research, however, wasn’t necessary for me to start creating abstracted art of my own, an it may have been useful for me not to have been inspired too much by other artists, thus not adapting their styles but instead creating what comes naturally to me. Perhaps I could have improved my research by looking at particular artists in more detail and considering more techniques which I could have used in the application of my paint.

i developed my ideas by starting with realistic in-depth studies of my objects and gradually making them less and less realistic, abstracting them more. Perhaps if I were to do this differently, I could have been looser with my application and experimented more with the ‘abstract’ side of things, making the shapes less obvious and perhaps just focusing on blocks of colour or the lines within objects, etc.

I feel as though the media of oil paints was successful as it allowed me to easily mix my paints and blend well, achieving realistic forms within my abstraction, which suited the style of my painting. I’m not so keen on the application of acrylic paints in my more abstract pieces as I had fewer colours to work with and found it harder to mix them and add to them as they kept drying and I tried to mix them on the page in some cases. Although I like the effect of using a palette knife and the texture that can be achieved by using this, the colours may be too bright, so perhaps I should have mixed them a bit first. However, I don’t feel as though this is a major problem, as abstraction is subjective and this is how I felt like creating it at the time.

I could have improved the way I explore new media and techniques by exploring more with the cubist-type styles that artists often try or adding other things to my paint, e.g. something to make it thicker or add more texture. I could also perhaps have tried working on an even larger scale to create a more striking piece, and tried creating completely abstract work.

Artists such as Braque, Kandinsky and Richter influenced my work as I looked at images of their artwork for inspiration as to how to next develop my own. This helped me to consider the compositions, colours and how to abstract them.

My decision-making was influenced by a time restraint, as although I had planned on working on a larger scale, this was not possible as I am a fairly slow painter and I had to create a lot of different experimentations. I also didn’t have many colours of acrylic paint, so couldn’t mix dark colours, e.g. black, as my blue was so bright. My initial studies also influenced my work as I liked the textures and shapes included in them, using these as guidance throughout the project. Feedback from people about using my realistic style in my abstraction also influenced me in encouraging me to stay with the realistic style I enjoy and adapt it to make it more abstracted.

Next time, I would use oil paints for the more abstract pieces to get a wider depth of tones. I would also try to make my work even more abstract, including fewer details and only focusing on texture and colour.


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